Throughout 2019 and 2020, CBoxx worked with Origo on a wide ranging brief to conduct comprehensive business case analysis and feasibility research for a number of new industry automation opportunities. Each project presented a new set of challenges that have drawn on our decades of past experience of the market and also exploring new sectors of financial services that CBoxx has not worked in directly before.

As is so often the case, the details of this kind of early stage project work must be kept confidential. For general background into the areas we have been exploring and analysing in depth, an excellent place to start is the paper “A Disconnected World: The Adviser’s Reality” published by Origo and the lang cat in late 2019. It pinpoints the burning need for standards, integrations and collaboration between systems that ultimately will benefit the entire industry.

“The advice industry could be 100% more efficient if systems talked to one another.”

This statement from A Disconnected World sounds clear and obvious. Technically, integrating systems is a straightforward, readily resolvable challenge once all parties involved are committed to the task. However, the reality is not quite so simple.

Our work with Origo centred around understanding who the integrating parties are, their needs, their capabilities, their burning problems, their priorities and then synthesising that detailed information  into a concise, fair business case that balances and satisfies everyone concerned  … to bring them, with absolute confidence and clarity, to the right business decision and point of commitment.

And all this under the rules of COVID-19 lockdown. Having chosen a title picture of smiling, collaborating business people all happily high-fiving I suddenly realised how inappropriate that looks right now and replaced it with a good old Zoom conference. Much more appropriate 🙂