Behind the scenes of the UKFS industry the wheels are turned by an essential set of services centred around the administration of the Agency agreements between Advisers and Providers. Large Adviser firms may hold hundreds or thousands of these essential agreements with Providers that enable them to submit and conduct business.

CBoxx has supported Origo in a number of industry IT initiatives. Most recently, CBoxx played a key role in the design and development of the Agency Administration central IT service to streamline the processing of administrative requests between advisers and providers. They have demonstrated in-depth industry knowledge combined with excellent architecture and design skills and most importantly, commitment.

Michael Roe – Business Development and Standards Manager – Origo Services Ltd

Origo and CBoxx worked together from initial concept to design and delivery of an online industry hub service to alleviate the laborious, error prone, paper based inefficiencies of these processes. The design process involved working directly with representatives from key Origo sponsors through a long series of workshop to reach a common agreement on how the business processes will work.

The Origo Agency Services system was launched to run alongside Origo’s Agency Registration service and continues to be used by the industry today. Advisers can now submit Agency servicing requests to 14 household names provider brands.