During the build up to a major organisational change, Chase de Vere, a national adviser firm, contracted CBoxx because they needed to obtain an accurate understanding of how their renewal commissions were being earned and therefore to understand the relative business values of each of their own business divisions.

CBoxx worked with the Chase de Vere senior management to devise a technical answer to their questions through the introduction of automated Origo standard EDI commission feeds for their top ten Providers, coupled with development of a bespoke application that enabled them to analyse very precisely how their renewals commission was being earned by each Agency code and therefore each business division and adviser (depending on how the Agency had been setup). CBoxx continued to operate an ongoing service to monitor Chase de Vere renewals over the course of a year to ensure they maintained an accurate picture taking into account seasonal fluctuations in business.

The system had to be seeded by conducting an intense data analysis exercise to determine where every single Agency code in the business belonged so that each renewal amount could be properly allocated. This exercise was complex due to the many thousands of Agency codes that had built up over the long history of Chase de Vere that included many corporate acquisitions. The project involved mining data from their old back office systems and other data sources and then matching that to bulk data download information obtained from their key providers.

At the conclusion of the project, the EDI feeds were then re-assigned to Chase de Vere’s new back office system giving them a head start in setting up automated reconciliation processes.