This project commenced originally with the Professional Edge consultancy services team at Winterthur Life. CBoxx built and delivered specialist calculation software to enable the business consultancy team to conduct in depth analysis and then assistance for Adviser firms transitioning their business to operate on a fee basis instead of commission. The CBoxx Business Planner was used by the consultants to create a strong relationship through in depth knowledge and understanding of the KPIs of their Adviser clients.

The core of the CBoxx Business Planner software was built in partnership with Winterthur who were then acquired by AXA Wealth. The CBoxx service was rebranded for AXA and continued to evolve for several years until the financial downturn forced cost cutting across the consulting division.

A key challenge for this project was complete compliance with the stringent technical security and architectural requirements for Winterthur then AXA that were delivered through an N-tier, scalable, secure architecture with 2 factor authentication for the end users.