Moving into 2016 …

Moving into 2016, CBoxx find ourselves in familiar territory working hard on exciting, forward thinking, ambitious and currently highly confidential financial services projects that I can’t say much about! We hope to reveal more later in 2016 as these projects move from development to live. Suffice to say that our project delivery and architectural skills are being fully exercised.

But it always pays to keep looking ahead and our ongoing research program has been focussing on simplification of the financial services stack, revisiting territory last examined by us about three years ago but this time armed with our growing knowledge and experience of the newly emergent distributed ledger technology (aka blockchain).

Working with OCP, we have been conducting a series of informative meetings and exchanges of views on the subject of distributed ledgers and infrastructure simplification with leading industry participants – third party administrators, platforms, global services providers, standards organisations etc.

We have discovered and perhaps even helped to fuel activity in this area at all levels of the stack and will soon start preparation of a fresh research report / white paper on the subject. It does look certain that transformational change really is coming to the incumbent administration systems and all companies providing trusted third party services need to take a very careful strategic and technical look at this area. Of course, we’re happy to help.